Teeth Whitening Treatment in Greenville SC

Safely Brighten Years of Stain Off Your Smile

Dental clients with beautiful white teeth after using a teeth whitening system.Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to help your teeth look naturally younger. If you love coffee, tea or red wine – you know how your smile can get stain particle buildup in no time at all. People who use tobacco or have taken certain types of medications can have the same problem. Thankfully, our Greenville dentist can help!

Why Do Teeth Stain?

Our teeth are very porous. Microscopic pores allow stain particles to soak up into the teeth over time. If we expose them to stain-causing foods and beverages, we accumulate even more stain than normal. Even if we brush and floss each day, it is physically impossible to brush away the stain particles inside of the porous surface.

How Does Teeth It Work?

Professional teeth whitening treatments use a concentrated gel that oxidizes and lifts away the stain particles. It is more efficient than an over the counter product, giving you more dramatic results in less time.

Dental patient fitting tray from Professional teeth whitening treatment that uses a concentrated gel that oxidizes and lifts away the stain particlesThink teeth whitening might be right for your smile? Call Greenville Family Smiles to find out. Dr. Goldston will examine your teeth to ensure that they are healthy enough for whitening and then recommend a treatment based on the extent of tooth stain that is present.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic change to your smile, call us today and ask our knowledgeable staff about Dental Veneers.