Cleanings & Preventions

Quality Dental Care

Woman flossing her teeth after preventive  dental care appointment, essential to avoiding problems like cavities, gum disease, and even some dental emergenciesYou may just think of it as your 6-month check-up, but our preventive care appointments are essential to avoiding problems like cavities, gum disease, and even some dental emergencies. Most people benefit from a preventive care appointment twice a year, while others may need to be seen more frequently to manage their oral health. During these visits, we perform essential steps like:


Carefully monitoring your teeth and existing restorations, Dr. Goldston is able to identify early changes that could become costly, invasive needs later on. During your exam we will assess your occlusion, TMJ function, integrity of existing treatment, wear patterns, and signs of enamel demineralization.

Dental Cleanings

A professional dental cleaning will remove calcified bacterial deposits along and underneath the gumlines. This prevents gum disease, a condition that causes tooth mobility and loss. It also keeps your smile clean and fresh!

Fluoride Treatments

Prescription fluoride varnish is extremely effective in reversing enamel demineralization, sensitivity, and protecting at-risk patients from developing cavities. We frequently apply fluoride to both adults and children after their cleanings for optimal absorption of the mineral into the tooth enamel.

Digital X-Rays

High resolution digital x-rays enhance the way we screen for problems like cavities, bone loss, and infections below the gum tissue. Each one takes just a second to capture, and is visible on our in-room monitors to share our findings with you.

Periodontal Disease Screenings

Oral dental screening to stop Gingivitis from quickly turning into a serious condition known as periodontal diseaseGingivitis can quickly turn into a serious condition known as periodontal disease if not addressed. During these screenings, we check for signs of tissue detachment and bone loss around each tooth.

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