Restorative Dentistry in Greenville SC

Senior dental patients after Restorative dentistry to rebuild their smile and enhance their oral health.Restorative dentistry means rebuilding your smile and enhancing its health. Dr. Goldston implements minimally invasive and cosmetic approaches to care in each of her restoration procedures. We focus on your mouth as a whole – not just one tooth at a time. Long-term visions allow us to limit the extent of dental treatment that you need in the future.

We provide:
Bridges – to replace missing teeth
Crowns – to restore severely broken, fractured, or decayed teeth
Fillings – repair small areas of tooth decay
Dental Implant Restoration – permanently replace one or all of your teeth
Dentures – new dentures, maintenance, and repair

What Dental Treatment Do I Need?

Dentist implementing minimally invasive and cosmetic approaches to dental care in each of her restorative dentistry proceduresIt’s perfectly normal to come in to our office thinking that you need a filling or crown, only to change your mind and select something different. Dr. Goldston will walk you through each of her findings to help you select the most appropriate and therapeutic care option for your smile. Call our Greenville dental office today to schedule your new patient exam!

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