Dental Crowns in Greenville SC

Durable, Quality, Full Coverage Tooth Repair

The dentist is matching the color of the new dental crown with the patient's existing teeth.Crowns are “full coverage” restorations that repair badly damaged teethCrowns are “full coverage” restorations that repair badly damaged teeth. The entire surface of the tooth above the gumlines is encased inside of the crown, to preserve regular function and prevent additional damage. We use crowns on teeth that have been impacted by conditions like:

  • Deep Cavities
  • Large, Failing Fillings
  • Fractured or Worn Enamel
  • Root Canal Therapy

Can I Get a Filling Instead?

One of the most common questions patients ask when they find out that they need a crown is, “can I just fill the tooth instead?” or “why do I need a crown if my tooth doesn’t hurt?” These are both excellent questions and the information is vital to making smart decisions about your oral health.

A dental crown showing different componentsIf a tooth is badly damaged or fractured, it isn’t possible to simply “patch up” the damaged area. Otherwise this patch would fall off. A filling goes inside of a tooth, but if not enough healthy tooth structure is present, that filling is encased in a brittle shell. Biting or chewing would cause the filling to fall out and further damage to the enamel around it. That’s why we put a crown over the tooth instead of a filling!

Crowns usually take two visits to our Greenville office to complete. They can also be used to restore dental implants. Find out about the crown treatments that we have available by calling Greenville Family Smiles today!

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