Michael G.

I had a bad experience with another dentist, and I was afraid to go back. But, my teeth were all chipped and broken. Dr. Goldston and her staff's caring and sensitive approach to my exam really put me at ease. The laughing gas helped, too! She worked with me to come up with a plan that was less expensive and less intense than other plans. She told me about the sedation option, which sounded perfect for me and my fears. When the time came for my work, I was still very nervous about the pain. The staff sat me in a comfortable room and I started listening to my favorite jazz. I took a pill and relaxed on the laughing gas. The next thing I knew, I was waking up! Dr. Goldston gave me a mirror, and my new, repaired smile was staring back at me. I was amazed that she had done all of my work, and I couldn't remember even one shot. I would highly recommend Greenville Family Smiles sedation dentistry to anyone who is nervous about the dentist, like I was.