Pediatric Dentistry in Greenville, SC

Searching for a pediatric dentist in Greenville? Dr. Goldston is a general dentist with years of experience working with pediatric dentists across the country. She works closely with her team to provide expanded pediatric dentistry services to the youngest of patients – even those with special needs.

Regular pediatric dentistry visits can help children, like the ones pictured, create good oral health habits for life. At Greenville Family Smiles, your entire family can get all of your care in one convenient location. We offer children’s dental services like:

Preventive Tooth Cleanings, Exams and Fluoride

We recommend scheduling your child's first checkup to be completed by his or her first birthday. With regular preventive care, we can monitor tooth development and address problems early on. These visits help your child become familiar with our practice and learn healthy habits that promote strong smiles that last into adulthood.

Dental Sealants

Protective dental sealants help to block out acids and bacteria that cause cavities in deep grooves and pits of the back teeth. We typically recommend placing sealants on permanent molars as soon as they erupt - usually around the ages of 6 and 12.

Sedation Options

Dr. Goldston has completed the DOCS pediatric sedation program as well as dental advanced life support training. During your child’s sedation appointment they are given an oral medication that helps them sleep throughout the procedure. They are carefully monitored using special medical equipment and skilled staff throughout the entire visit. Your child will feel slightly groggy for a few hours as the medication gradually wears off.

Dental Crowns and Tooth Fillings for Baby Teeth

Baby teeth can decay very quickly. If treatment is delayed, early tooth loss could create complications as adult teeth begin to erupt. Our goal is to treat problems while they are small, using minimally invasive methods. We offer both white and stainless steel crowns to preserve badly damaged baby teeth. Or if the cavity is small, we can place a white filling in the area to prevent the spread of decay.

Nerve Therapy

Abscessed teeth can cause severe toothaches and even trips to the emergency room. If your child has a “pimple” on their gums, it means a deep infection is present under the baby tooth. In rare circumstances, these infections can even cause hospitalization. We offer in-house nerve treatments without having to refer your child to a specialist or the hospital.

Space Maintenance

Premature tooth loss can cause other teeth to shift out of place, or adult teeth to become impacted. If your son or daughter loses a tooth before they were supposed to, we can place a temporary device in the area that preserves space for the adult tooth to erupt in place. Once the tooth begins to erupt, the maintainer is removed.

Questions About Pediatric Dentistry Services?

Is your child due for a preventive checkup? Give Greenville Family Smiles a call to schedule their appointment with Dr. Goldston today!

Cosmetic dentistry options can be used alone, together, or in combination with procedures like crowns and fillings.

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