Sedation Dentistry in Greenville SC

Laughing Gas and Other Sedation Dentistry Options

Dentist providing conscious oral sedation dentistry for patient who needs something stronger than laughing gas.If going to the dentist makes you feel nervous or anxious, we understand. A lot of people, regardless of their age, dislike having to go to the dentist. At Greenville Family Smiles, we take the time to help you feel relaxed during your visit with the help of our sedation dentistry options. We’re focused on your comfort and won’t rush you through something that you don’t feel easy about. Dr. Goldston takes all of the time that you need!

We offer convenient sedation dentistry choices upon request:

Nitrous Oxide

“Laughing gas” is a safe, quick and easy way to calm your anxiety and sensitivity during even the most routine of appointments. The gas mixture helps you feel relaxed, warm, and a bit tingly while you sit back. It’s quickly reversible, so you can go right back to work or drive yourself home after your appointment. Even children can benefit from nitrous oxide!

Conscious Oral Sedation

Lady relieved that laughing gas” is a safe, quick and easy way to calm her anxiety and sensitivity during even the most routine of dental appointmentsDr. Goldston provides conscious oral sedation for patients who need something stronger than laughing gas. With oral sedation we are able to help our patients feel like they are sleeping right through their appointment.  The medication lasts for a few hours and it often provides both adults and children with the opportunity to have most of their treatment completed in one visit. Dr. Goldston and her qualified staff carefully monitor patients throughout the entire sedation appointment.  Dr. Goldston is a member of Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation Education and she has completed training courses in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, DOCS Sedation Dentistry, and DOCS Pediatric Sedation.  No trips to the hospital are necessary!

Check out our current special offers for help on sedation dentistry cost. Don’t let fear of the dentist prevent you from having the healthy smile that you deserve. Call our Greenville family dental office today!