5 Signs That You Need To Visit Your Dentist

blog post twoYou’ll have your smile for life, so it’s important to take good care of it! That means regular checkups at the dentist every 6 months, for a professional cleaning and a thorough exam. However, don’t ignore red flags if you’re between appointments! Here are a few signs that might mean you need to come in and see us right away.

  1. Tooth Pain - Never ignore a toothache! If your teeth are feeling sensitive, it could be the first sign of a cavity or an abscessed tooth. If you’re suffering from persistent dental pain, then it’s important to have your tooth evaluated quickly. A dental cavity can grow larger, resulting in a bigger restoration (that also costs more). If it’s an abscess, the pain will only get worse, so give our Greenville office a call and come see us.
  2. Grumpy Gums - Gums that are swollen, red and bleeding aren’t normal. Irritation that occurs when you brush and floss might be a symptom of periodontal disease. While bleeding gums can sometimes be a sign of overly enthusiastic oral hygiene habits (“aggressive brushing”), they need to be checked out at our office to make sure that the bleeding is not a result of gum disease. We can recommend a proper treatment plan that will relieve your unhappy gum tissue and have you smiling again.
  3. Too Much Tartar? Unless you’re eating seafood, tartar in your mouth isn’t a good thing. If you’ve noticed hard, scaly deposits on the surface of your teeth, it’s time to come see us. Tartar buildup is actually oral bacteria growth that has calcified onto your teeth, which can lead to future tooth loss.
  4. Hold Your Breath - If you’re suffering from persistent bad breath, your mouth might be trying to get your attention. Not only is it embarrassing, but bad breath is also a symptom of infection! If that bad taste and lingering odor doesn’t improve with a swish of mouthwash or brushing your teeth, then you should make an appointment to come see us!
  5. Jaw Pain - If you wake with throbbing discomfort in your jaw, then it might be time to come in for an evaluation. There are many causes for ongoing jaw pain, including teeth grinding, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, a misaligned bite, and even an abscessed tooth.

Why Wait?

If it’s been a while since you had a dental checkup or you’re experiencing any of these dental symptoms, call Greenville Family Smiles! We’ll help your smile get back to looking and feeling its best.


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