5 Signs Your Tooth Has a Cavity

Everyone dreads being told they have a cavity. But cavities are much less intimidating when you catch and treat them early. Dr. Anna Goldston recommends that you watch out for the following five signs that could necessitate a dental visit:

1. Sensitivity

istock_000013963851_mediumA suddenly sensitive tooth is a good sign that the nerve is either damaged or exposed. Temperature sensitivity is suspicious, but a tooth that zings in the presence of sweets is almost a dead ringer for tooth decay.

2. Staining or Discoloration

Cavities are commonly recognized as a black or brown stain on the edge or chewing surface of a tooth. As a tooth decays from bacteria, the dead tissue takes on a rotting appearance. A cavity usually starts as just a whitish patch of weakened enamel, so look out for all kinds of discoloration.

3. Food Impaction

Food getting stuck in places it didn't used to is a sign that your tooth could have a hole in it. This food debris is likely making the situation worse, so don't let that go on too long before you have it looked at.

4. Tooth Fracture or Missing Restoration

When a cavity gets large enough, it can cause a chunk of the tooth to break away altogether. If you notice a filling has popped out or your crown has loosened, that could also be a sign that decay slipped under the restoration and weakened the bond.

5. Abscess

As the hallmark ultimate sign of a decayed tooth, an abscess means that the cavity reached the tooth's nerve. While an abscess doesn't always hurt, you may notice a bad taste in your mouth or see some pus near the tooth. An abscessed tooth will definitely need a root canal or possibly even extraction.

Treatment for Cavities in the Greenville Area

Do you suspect that you have a cavity? Don't put it off any longer! The sooner you get treatment, the more of your tooth you can save. No matter how advanced the decay is, Dr. Goldston has a solution for you. Call Greenville Family Smiles to schedule an evaluation.

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