Can Gum Disease Go Away on Its Own?

We tend to take a similar approach when it comes to small issues like the common cold: give it time. It's natural for this to heal and clear up on its own.

Is gum disease one of those little problems? Will a little palliative treatment help you to get over it and move on?

Understanding the True Nature of Gum Disease

Contrary to its name, gum disease is not just limited to your gums. Dr. Anna Goldston believes that a better term is 'periodontal disease' which also involves the infected bone and ligaments around tooth roots. In actuality, this disease is happening in a place that you can't reach.

Periodontal disease is an infection of types of bacteria that don't need oxygen to survive. This means they can reproduce in the deep, dark pockets they create around your teeth. Once they settle in, they have access to all the resources they need to perpetuate the problem.

How to Clear Up Gum Disease

A toothbrush and floss won't reach the affected areas. You need expert help. Our Greenville dentists have highly specialized tools that can gently access those deep pockets. One of our hygienists will use these instruments to smooth out rough root surfaces and physically remove infection-causing debris. A round of antibiotics might also be in order.

It's important to note that even after professional treatment you are still at risk. It's nearly impossible to eliminate all the bacteria at once, and all those deep pockets can still collect more plaque. You need to stay on a routine of regular maintenance to keep gum disease under control.

What You Can Do

Like other Greenville residents, you probably want to know what you can do to prevent gum disease at home. The most effective methods are:

  • Eating a nutritious diet high in vitamin C
  • Avoiding tobacco use
  • Keeping blood sugar levels under control if diabetic
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Flossing carefully just below the gum line every day
  • Using an antibacterial rinse to keep the bacterial count under control

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