Get the Most Out of Your Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge PatientDental bridges have spanned gaps for decades. A bridge is a great option not just for filling in an unsightly empty space, but also for supporting the proper alignment of the surrounding teeth.

Bridges are designed so that no one will know that you have one or two teeth missing. The bridge anchors onto the teeth around the gap with dental crowns. The middle part is made up of a false crown (or “pontic”) suspended between the functional crowns.

Your bridge can serve you very well for many years, provided you make it last. How can you do that?

Don't Skip the Brushing

Brushing is just as important to keeping your bridge clean as it is to the health of your teeth. Make sure that you brush at least twice a day, every day.

For your bridge to benefit, you need to incorporate these extra techniques into your daily brushing routine:

  • Angle the brush down against the gums around your bridge, like you would do around other teeth
  • Roll the brush upwards with a gentle brushing stroke to help dislodge debris from under the bridge

Flossing Makes a Difference

Don't pass over the bridge when flossing! Use a tufted floss or floss threader to get all the way under the bridge. This is very important as a toothbrush will never reach all the way through.

And for an Extra Clean...

Powered devices can make a big difference in your efforts to keep your bridge clean. From electric toothbrushes to water flossing devices, there's a gadget that's right for you. The extra cleaning power from these appliances often work better than manual methods for removing tenacious buildup from under bridges.

Your bridge itself is made from material that won't decay, as you likely know. But the gums underneath the bridge can still get irritated, and the crowned teeth could still develop decay along the margin of the prosthesis. This is why cleaning your bridge is so important. If the teeth holding the bridge break down from cavities or gum disease, then the bridge becomes absolutely pointless.

Schedule regular checkups with Dr. Anna Goldstone at Greenville Family Smiles to make sure your bridge is still holding strong.

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