How Do I Know if I Need a Crown?

Crowns Can Be GreatMost people dread the idea of getting a dental crown. It's no surprise that crowns are not taken as good news! But here's something you might not have known: a dental crown could be something you need or want.

What is a crown for? What does it do? Why would you ever want one? And is it right for your smile?

Why Your Dentist Places Crowns

Crowns can be made from metal, porcelain, ceramic, resin, or a combination of certain materials depending on the strength and look that's needed.

Your dental crown is used to replace a large portion of your tooth's natural crown. The anatomical crown of a tooth is the outer enamel layer that's usually visible above the gum line.

When a tooth suffers an injury that compromises its outer layer, a crown gives the tooth extra support and protection. Without a complete crown, the structure will break down even more. This would result in a lot of pain and possibly serious infection.

Reasons You May Need a Crown

Some reasons that crowns are placed include:

    • Large cavities
    • The breakdown of a large or old filling
    • Fracture of the tooth
    • An extreme teeth grinding habit that has worn down a tooth

Aesthetics also factor in. You may have a tooth that, while not in any structural danger, just looks bad from extreme staining or a blatant chip. It's very common to place a conservative crown on a front tooth such as this. Some people do actually choose crowns for the sake of improving the look of their smile.

Signs Your Tooth Needs a Crown

Have you ever noticed an ache, unusual temperature sensitivity, sharp edges, or food getting stuck in your tooth? These could be signs of fracture or advanced decay that could merit a dental crown.

Even if you can't see or feel anything wrong, dental x-rays can reveal the extent of decay. Come in for a consultation at our Greenville dentist office. Dr. Goldstone will help you plan ahead and determine whether you a crown or filling is what you need.

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