Metal or White Filling - Does It Matter Which You Choose?

 Paper or plastic?
Organic or inorganic?
Biodegradable or non-biodegradable?
Go green? BPA-free? Solar?

We're all faced with a variety options in everyday matters that reflect how we feel about our bodies and environment.

It might seem like dental fillings aren't such a big deal. Metal or white fillings could simply reflect your style preference. Yet, your choice in this matter also has some far-reaching effects.

About Metal Fillings

Silver fillings contain a bit more than just silver. They're an amalgam of metals including copper and mercury. This combination helps a metal restoration set quickly and stay strong.

To make a piece of metal fit snugly into a hole in a tooth, the dentist needs to undercut the enamel a little bit. This creates a lock-like mechanism to hold the filling in place. With time, your tooth can start to weaken from the stress of expanding and contracting at a slower rate than the amalgam restoration does.

Why It's Best to Go with White

White fillings aren't merely a color option. They're made from a composite resin material that contains no metal. This material sets up with a special light and creates a chemical bond with the tooth. Dr. Anna Goldston doesn't need to remove any more tooth structure than is necessary when she places white fillings.

Composite resin is much more conservative and behaves more like natural teeth than metal amalgam does. Your chances of preserving tooth structure are higher when you choose white dental fillings.

Make Your Fillings Last

You might be interested in upgrading your metal fillings to white ones. But even if not, the most important thing is making the fillings you do have last as long as possible. Do this by brushing and flossing daily, getting lots of fluoride, and scheduling dental checkups with Dr. Goldston.

At Greenville Family Smiles, we proudly offer gorgeous white fillings to complement any smile. First, however, Dr. Goldston checks all teeth with x-rays and a careful examination to be sure of what they need. Call us today if you suspect that you might need a dental filling.

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