Smart Moves and Invisalign: Invisible Braces for Teens and Adults

What do you know about invisible braces? Dr. Anna Goldston of Greenville Family Smiles offers this convenient alternative to conventional braces right here in our office.

How It Works

At our Greenville dentist office, we offer two options for you to choose from: Invisalign and Smart Moves. These systems both use clear aligners based off a model of your teeth. We record a model of your teeth and send it to the manufacturer’s lab, which then designs a series of aligners that exactly match your teeth, with just a slight difference.

The trays put gentle pressure on your teeth in key locations. After some time, your teeth will move to adapt to the tray. Instead of having an adjustment, you move on to the next set of aligners. Over time, your teeth's position will change, giving you a straighter smile and all the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of Invisible Braces

When compared with traditional braces, invisible braces like Smart Moves and Invisalign give you great benefits like:

  • Faster results
  • Discreet treatment
  • More comfortable than fixed braces
  • Removable aligners
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • Faster, fewer appointments

Even making just tiny adjustments for a straighter smile is healthy. Straight teeth are less likely to collect bacteria and stain, and are easier to floss. People don't have to know a thing while you're having treatment, but in the end, they WILL notice the difference!

Who Can Have Invisible Braces?

Teens and adults are prime candidates for invisible braces. The important thing is that critical jaw and tooth development is completed. Younger patients (or adults) need to be responsible and dedicated to wearing them diligently to achieve the desired results.

Invisible braces are best for mild to moderate crowding and misalignment. More severe cases may be best treated with fixed appliances. Anyone interested in straightening their smile can have a consultation to find out whether invisible braces are an option for them!

Invisible Braces in Greenville, NC

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Goldston today. Your evaluation won't take long and treatment could have you seeing a straighter smile in the mirror sooner than you ever dreamed possible.

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