3 Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

 Some people feel that teeth bleaching is a vain and unnecessary procedure. But closing off your mind to the benefits of whitening could cause you to miss out on the best smile of your life.

Dr. Anna Goldston recommends a safe and balanced practice of teeth whitening for anyone who's ready for a new start.

1. Take Years Off Your Smile!

No one ever laid down a rule stating that yellowed teeth are ugly or unacceptable. It's just a fact that discolored teeth bespeak years of use and stain. Kids' teeth are naturally brighter and cleaner than those of adults because of their anatomical design.

By whitening your teeth, you will make them look fresher, stronger, healthier, and younger.

2. Stay Ahead of Your Dental Restorations

At the time you have dental bonding or a dental crown made, the restoration will be colored to match your surrounding teeth. Once that color is chosen and placed, it can't be changed. If you want to whiten your teeth after having such work, then your restoration will unpleasantly stand out.

It's much better to whiten your teeth well before having any other such cosmetic work done. This way, you can be confident that your teeth have reached their maximum whiteness. Something like a crown can later be made to match.

3. A Confidence Boost Will Show in Your Smile

Sometimes, just seeing that bright flash in the mirror is enough to lift your spirits and stroke your ego a bit.

Knowing your smile looks amazing is reason enough to show it off! This confidence, in turn, will help you make a great first impression in important areas such as:

    • Social events
    • Job interviews
    • Business deals and meetings
    • Acting, performing, or modeling careers
    • First dates

Never underestimate the power of a confident and dazzling smile!

Ready to take your smile to the next level? Greenville Family Smiles can help you do just that. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldston to find out how a little change to your smile can make a big impact on your life.

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