5 Ways to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

 All cavities start with a weak spot in your tooth's protective outer layer called the enamel.

Follow these tips from Dr. Anna Goldston to help keep your enamel tough and resistant to decay:

1. Increase Dairy Intake

Calcium-rich snacks are good for enamel and bone. Milk and yogurt don't increase the acidity of your mouth and can help reinforce enamel. Cheese has been found to contain some ingredients which can fight cavity-formation.

Incorporate foods containing calcium into your meals and choose cheese as a healthy snack option.

2. Cut Down On Acidic Foods

Your enamel might not be able to grow back, but you can limit how many acid attacks it experiences.

Reduce the number of acidic drinks you sip on throughout the day. Things like coffee, soda, juice, and sports drinks are harmful to enamel. Pick water as your primary source of hydration as often as possible.

Switch sugary carbs for whole grain and fiber-rich items. These are better for your enamel and your overall health.

3. Get Lots Of Fluoride

Getting a balanced amount of fluoride is essential for children with developing smiles. Once in adulthood, there's not much need to limit your fluoride use. Look for more fluoride sources to reinforce your enamel against decay.

Fluoride occurs naturally in some foods like tea, fish, and tap water. It's a good idea to supplement your intake with fluoride toothpastes, rinses, and professional treatments.

4. Reduce Plaque Buildup

Dental plaque is made up of bacteria and food debris and it is a very acidic substance. You can't avoid plaque altogether, but you can control how much accumulates. Daily brushing and flossing are the most effective ways to prevent these acids from wearing down your enamel.

5. Have Your Enamel Regularly Evaluated By A Professional

A Greenville dentist like Dr. Goldston can take a good look at your enamel and identify its weaknesses. X-rays and other diagnostic tools will help you locate potential problems and treat them before they worsen. Dr. Goldston and her team will also make personalized recommendations for you to strengthen your enamel.

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