Why Does My Breath Smell So Bad?

istock_000047020160_mediumPerhaps the worst thing about foul breath is the fact that others tend to notice our malodor before we ourselves do. A strong and persistent case of bad breath can't be blamed on a one-time meal that had a lot of garlic in it. To properly address your halitosis, you'll need to first get to the bottom of whatever may be causing it.

Here are a few common contributors:

Poor Oral Habits

Bad breath can be caused by a variety of oral habits such as:

- Smoking
- Inadequate oral hygiene
- Mouth-breathing

Counseling with a dental professional like those at Greenville Family Smiles can help you take control of your habits - and the smell of your breath! We'll show you how making some lifestyle changes will do what no breath mint could ever accomplish.

Breathing Issues

Blocked sinuses and bacteria will cause you to breathe out of your mouth and is likely to make your breath smell. If you have a cold or sinus infection or allergies, you can bet that's playing a role.

Digestive Problems

Frequent vomiting, heartburn, and indigestion expose your mouth to acids which can linger on the breath. In fact, a lot of patients who complain about bad breath never realized that they had a digestive concern. Talk with your doctor about this possibility and see if that helps to clear up bad smells.

Oral Infections

Some people realize too late the importance of keeping their oral appliances clean. Dirty dentures or retainers harbor loads of bacteria that create the stink. Make sure you properly clean your denture, partial, or retainer every day and get it checked on occasion for signs of a fungal infection.

Rotting teeth and infected gums will give off a unique stench. You could enjoy fresher breath simply by staying on top of your dental treatment for things like cavities and periodontitis.

Are you struggling to conceal your smile out of fear others will notice your bad breath? Don't live with such uncertainty any longer. Plan your visit with Dr. Anna Goldston to start treating your bad breath at its source.

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